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Paternity, also known as a “parentage action,” arises as an issue for unmarried parents who share a child. Paternity must be established in order to obtain court orders pertaining to child custody and visitation or child support. If you need to establish paternity as either the mother or the father of a child, the Law Office of Tracey Lundquist, APC can help. We represent both men and women in this matter before local courts in Southern California, including Orange and LA Counties, Whittier, Pomona, Long Beach, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Our attorney is well-versed in the complex legal and emotional issues often associated with paternity cases and brings extensive knowledge and commitment to your case. 

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How Paternity Is Established

A paternity action may be pursued by either the mother or the alleged father through the courts. An unmarried mother may seek to have paternity established in order to obtain a court order requiring the father to pay child support. An unmarried father may seek to prove his paternity in order to establish his legal right to parent his child through a custody order. Courts in California work on the basis of the child’s best interests and recognize that children do best by having an ongoing and meaningful relationship with both parents. 

Paternity can be established in two ways:

  • Through a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity, a document acknowledging the paternity by both parents and usually completed when the child is born
  • By court order

If the Voluntary Declaration is not executed, the court’s task is to determine paternity. If a parent fails to cooperate in this matter, a court order is required to establish paternity through DNA testing. Once DNA testing proves the father’s paternity, custody and visitation as well as child support orders can be sought to enforce parental rights. 

Establishing paternity is often the first step in family proceedings which is why it is so important to begin with effective representation. Paternity actions have an enormous impact on the lives of parents and their children. Having a sound legal advocate on your side is critical to reaching a parenting schedule that supports the child’s best interests. 

Our law firm concentrates its practice on family law only. We have handled numerous paternity cases as well as countless child custody and support cases. Backed by such ratings as Avvo “Superb”  and a listing in Super Lawyers, you can be confident that your case is in the hands of a true professional. 

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At the Law Office of Tracey N. Lundquist, APC, we understand the difficult nature that comes along with your separation, divorce, or other family legal matters. We will listen to your needs, develop and communicate a personalized strategy in search of fair and just results, and remain alert to the related expenses of all legal proceedings. 

  • “Always realistic and with caring, professional service. It is very evident from the first meeting that Tracey truly cares for her clients.”

    - April
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    - Eva
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    - Emily
  • “Tracey represented me for my child custody hearings and she was outstanding.”

    - Carissa
  • “We are beyond thrilled with the outcome of the hearing and now have additional time with our son that is firm and precise down to the day and hour leaving nothing open to misinterpretation.”

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